There are only two kinds of electronic systems Those that have been hacked...
... and those that will be hacked!


Hacking detected
Active detection of hacker attacks, traffic analysis, Honeypot.
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Private cloud
Secure storage for all your private data on decentralized servers.
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Private VPN
VPN can ensure the anonymity of online connections and increase privacy and security.
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Hardware development
We develop our own hardware for security features.
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Software development
We create our own secure applications.
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Smart home
Custom solutions for your safe home. Keep your home at your fingertips.
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Safe communications?
Are you sure that your communications protected? Secure communication is when two entities are communicating and do not want a third party to listen in.

Safe data?
Are you sure that your data is safe? Data security means protecting data, such as a database, from destructive forces and the unwanted actions of unauthorized users.


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